*1. Two 20cm probes and a light sensor are used to test the humidity, PH value and light level.

*2. No battery or electricity is needed, just insert the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches, toggle the switch to test.  Then wait for the pointer to stop swinging to get a stable reading, if the plant is very dry, the pointer will not stop swing.

*3. Lightweight and portable design, suitable for indoor and outdoor to use, which is an ideal soil testing tool for home plants, gardens, lawns and farms.

*4. It can ensure and maintain the health and quality of your green plants, it can quickly let you know when to water, control the PH value and whether the plants get enough sunlight.


Material: Plastic

Color: green (as shown)

Size: 290*50*3.8mm

Probe length: 200mm


*1. Be careful not to touch the stone when inserting the electrode during use, and do not use excessive force, otherwise it will easily damage the electrode;

*2. Clean the electrode in time after use (It is strictly forbidden to directly extend into the water to measure):

*3. It cannot be used in the soil for a long time to avoid damage.

Package Contents:

3 in 1 Horticultural Tester * 1


1. All pictures are professionally color-coded, but due to different ambient light and display device settings, there may be some deviation between the picture you see and the item itself. Please understand that.

2. The data is measured manually, there may be some deviations, but it does not affect the use.

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