1. Material: ABS

2. Color: dark green

3. Product size: 27 x 7 cm

4. Quantity: 6pcs



Simple and convenient, just put in soil.


Suitable for different sizes of beverage bottles, you can adjust dripping speed according to the length of time (generally, one 1.5-liter bottles for beverage at slow speed can last for 7-10 days)


You can add water-soluble fertilizers in proportion to water in container


No electricity, no pump, no pollution, simple operation


You can set the drip speed by the direction of the pin socket



1. Prepare a bottle and fill with water


2. Cut a "fork" (water regulator) from the thing like a cap in irrigation along the edge of a round cap


3. Insert the "sword" pin into the bottle cap


4. Pick up the bartender on the drink bottle


5. Hold the bottle with one hand and cap with the other, pour it down quickly, only "fast", and the water will not leak


6. Hold the irrigation and insert the sword into the bowl, deeper and deeper along the sides. Then gently lift the water regulator upwards so that the water will flow out, drop by drop, or in a continuous stream. Adjust the water flow rate to desired


Soil in pot must be greater than 15cm


6pcs Automatic Watering Spikes for Garden Irrigation Kits System

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