1. The body of the paper cup becomes organic fertilizer after degradation, and this layer of degraded material is easy to absorb water, has good permeability, and is easy to combine with the soil, which improves the environmental environment around seedlings' roots and is beneficial for seedling growth.
2- The roots of seedlings can easily extend from the cup body, overcome the problems of nesting, crooked roots, bent roots, rotten roots etc. bred from plastic cups
3. The period of deterioration of the pulp incubation cups can be long or short, and shorter can be within 10 days, elders are one month and more than one year. Nonwoven seedlings can also decompose, but they take three months outdoors and five years indoors.
4- Most of the pulp nursery cups use waste paper, recycled paper, straw rolls like straw, cane, sugar cane, etc., save energy and protect the environment
5. The cost is lower than plastic and other products.
6. Convenient management during the incubation period, low labor intensity, simple use, and convenient implantation.
7. Planting with a pot, strong seedlings, slow seedling period is short, seedling rate is high, early mature and go to market, increase production and income.

Material: pulp
Size: 16.5 * 12 * 4.5cm
Size of each small hole: 3.5 * 3.5 * 

Delivery list:
10pcs12 hole seedling cup

Paper Pot Plant Starters Organic Biodegradable Eco-Friendly

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