1. Adjustable brackets: The height of these plant climbing frames can be adjusted, and you can change them appropriately according to different periods of plants. From seedlings to harvest, this cage is sufficient to support the healthy growth of your plants. ;
2. Durable quality: The material is strong and the plastic material will not rust. The arms and connectors are made of sturdy plastic and are not easily deformed. These devices will maintain long-lasting performance for several seasons. ;
3. Help vertical growth: This bracket is designed to support vegetables or tomatoes, ensure that mature fruit leaves will not overwhelm the stem, and encourage vertical growth of the stem. Very suitable for growing tomatoes, peas, beans, grapes, peppers, etc. ;
4. Easy to assemble and store: These tomato racks are easy to assemble, no need to use tools to set up your tomato plants or any other plants you want to grow. After harvesting, they are easily separated and only occupy a small space. ;
5. Flexible combination: You can take them apart and rearrange them in the way you like, such as rows, triangles, squares, hexagons, which all depend on you and your plant size and needs. ;
Product size: about 45 * 30cm;
Product weight: 350g;
Packing: bagged;
Packing size: 45 * 10cm;
The list contains:
3 clips + 6 vertical rods with a diameter of 8mm and a length of 45cm + 9 connecting rods with a length of 30cm and a connecting buckle 2 with a diameter of 11mm + 3 guaranteed tubes with a diameter of 8mm;

Plant Climbing Support Stand, Stackable Combination Garden Support

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