Splendid Planting Box - 48 in X 36in X 12in Square Galvanized Bunk Garden Bed Provide good drainage, keep weeds away from soil and defense against pests, protect your plants. You can plant your favorite plants in your yard with these great gardening tools. Safety Materials and Edges - Made of galvanized steel; It is anti-rust and safe material; Does not pollute the soil and is safe for plants and humans; The edges of this outdoor bedding set are not sharp and won't hurt your fingers. High strength metal piece designed with wave structure, providing better pressure resistance. Thick steel and hardened corners can easily hold soil and plants. Easy to setup - You only need to use screws to connect 4 parts, each part is clear. You can also invite your family members to assemble this garden bed, which can be finished in a few minutes. Bottom Design - The raised soil directly touches the ground, draining the excess water, protecting the health of plant roots, and allowing plant roots to grow freely.

Start growing your own vegetables and flowers in your yard

The galvanized high garden bed provides a good place to enjoy gardening. This is a good way to enjoy the rural lifestyle of people in town. You can put this garden bed in your yard, patio or any empty space, the dimension of your planting box is 36in x36in x 12in. It can hold enough soil to provide good drainage for plants. The frame is made of galvanized steel, good rust-proof paint, safe and good for long time use. The edges are not sharp, so it can't hurt your family members' finger. You can teach your kids how to grow plants, and give them a chance to get in touch with nature. Rectangle bunk garden bed: Dimension: 48in x 36in x 12in Package Weight: 14LB Material: galvanized stee

Raised Garden Bed Galvanized Planter48 in X 36in X 12in Square

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