This portable, walk-in greenhouse is ideal to extend your growing season and protect your plants. The flowers in it can enjoy sunbathing and grow healthy in cloudy, snowy or other conditions. In a word, this green home walk is ideal for protecting plants and improving growth. Great for giving seeds, seedlings, and young plants an early start.

Product Features
1. Zippered door for easy access
2. Quick and easy to assemble
3. Rust resistant
4. Heavy duty screw-in plastic cover
5. Allow more sunlight to keep plants warm and good for plant growth
6. Steel frame with green powder coating
7. Constructed with 12 -6 wire shelves on each side, it measures 56 W x 56D x 77 inches, making room for all your flowers blooming, sprouting plants and fresh vegetables, the walking design provides mounting space and ventilation for large sized plants
8. Sturdy frame - Built with heavy duty powder coated steel. Includes 4 ropes and 4 stakes to secure the greenhouse and prevent it from being blown away by the wind. Strong durable reinforced green PVC cover manufactured from heavy duty material, connects with ties for easy assembly and stronger, longer lasting life
9. Upgrade stronger double thread cover sewing, also designed with zippered roll-up door and walk-in pattern for easy access. Ideal for extending the growing season
10. Place an indoor greenhouse inside your garage during cold winter or outside with no PVC cover during hot summer. It creates ideal conditions for growing starter seedlings, young plants and flowers
11. Easy to set up and break. No tools required for assembly. Moving or storing when seasons change. All connectors are marked with letters corresponding to the letters in the assembly instructions.

Please make sure all tubes are installed in place with no gap.

Product Detail
Color: Green
Product Size: Prioritize the size marked in the picture
Frame: Steel Tube
Wire Shelves: Steel Wire
Cover Material: 140G PVC Mesh Reinforced
Powder Coated for Surface Dia: 16mm
Powder Coated for Surface Dia: 1.8mm / Quantity: 8 Piece
Weight: 22.2 lbs
shelves 12 wire racks - 3 layers on each side
Tube: 16 mm (Dia)
Thickness: 0.4 mm

Walk-In Greenhouse with Cover and Frame

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